Download the Curriculum

This page will guide you on downloading and using the Understanding Black Bears Curriculum.filmstrip Previously only available on DVD and CD, the entire education program in now ready for you to download for free. No kidding!

The first step is to download this self-contained computer program by following the steps below. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have malware or anything that can hurt your computer. It’s 540 MB in size and may take from 5 to 15 minutes to download, depending on your Internet speed. Once it’s downloaded, anyone can access and explore the Student’s Section of the curriculum. If you’re a teacher, you’ll also need to register below on this page so we can send you your exclusive Teacher’s Access code. Only state’s that currently partner in this national bear education program will get access to the Teacher’s Section. If your state isn’t a member of the program yet, contact your state’s Department of Natural Resources or Wildlife Agency and request that they sign on.

Simple steps for downloading the program

STEP 1. Match the right program to your computer by clicking on either the Mac or PC version of the download buttons below. You will get the option to either “Open” or “Save” the downloaded file on your computer. Again, they’re safe for your PC or Mac computer and don’t have malware that can hurt your computer. It’s a 540MB Zipped file, so depending on your Internet speed, it may take 5 to 15 minutes to download.

Mac.download_button PCdownload_button

STEP 2. When your download is complete, you will need to “UnZip” the “” file. It will likely be in your “Downloads” folder. Depending on your computer, you might be able to double-click on the file, or have a program for unzipping the file. If you get stuck, just do a Google search for “Unzipping a file” on your type of computer. Once it’s unzipped, it will be a folder called “BearCD9.11.2010“. Simply drag it from your Downloads folder to your Desktop for easy access. (Note for some Mac users: Because of new OSX features, your system may be defaulted to not allow non-registered Apple Developer software.  So if you get that prompt, go into the system Preferences, under Security & Privacy, change the setting to “Allow Any”. If you’re worried, you can change it for this one download, then revert back.)

STEP 3. Now open the folder and simply click (or double-click) on the bear icon and it will launch the Bear Education program on your computer. Yes, it’s still safe to launch. Now you’re ready to explore all the fun stuff waiting for you. To get a sense of the educational content, go ahead and enter the Student’s Section. Lots of fun interactive learning stuff to play with here, such as the Bearing the Winter computer game.

STEP 4. If you’re a K-8 teacher, you’re almost ready begin teaching about bears. However, to gain access to the Teacher’s Section of the program that contains all the lessons and teacher support, you’ll need to register for your teacher access code. Click on the filmstrip below to register. If your state belongs to the bear education partnership, you will automatically get your teacher access code. If your state isn’t a partner yet, please take a moment to contact your state wildlife agency and request that they sign on to the growing list of state partners.

acess_buttonOnce you’ve received your access code, enter the code when prompted in the program and you’ll be able to enter the Teacher’s Section. There you’ll find all the teacher’s materials, lesson guides, forms, charts and everything you’ll need to begin exploring the world of bears in your classroom.

Footnote: Because this educational curriculum was previously only available on CD, you may notice some mentions in the Teacher materials about “the CD”. Now it simply means the program that you downloaded on your computer. Enjoy the world of bears.