New Jersey Black Bears

NJLOGOsmallNew Jersey, the Garden State, faces complex challenges in managing more bears and people per square mile than any state in the nation. Watch the video here to get a greater sense for the delicate balance between biological and cultural carrying capacities for managing black bears in New Jersey.

As part of its continuing effort to educate New Jersey residents about co-existing with black bears, the NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife developed the “New Jersey Black Bear Facts” Supplement Guide for teachers and students to use in conjunction with the “Understanding Black Bears” K-8 Classroom Curriculum.  In order to enrich the curriculum with local facts and figures, the supplement guide provides state specific information about New Jersey black bears.

Background Information on New Jersey’s black bears, including facts about black bear history within the state, their biology and behavior and details about the NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Research and Management efforts can be viewed at: .

Below are specific New Jersey activity supplements that can be used with the noted activities contained in the Understanding Black Bears” K-8 Classroom Curriculum.

NJ Black Bear Range Maps – can be used with; 

  • Finding Bear Country “Where’s the Bear”
  • Black Bear History “Shaping the Land”
  • Bear Behavior “Tracking a Bear”

NJ Black Bear Den Data – can be used with; 

  • Home Sweet Home “Bear Beds” activity

Download New Jersey Black Bear Facts Supplement