Bear Movies

You can watch a variety of movies about black bears on the pages within this website. Each black bear icon above has videos that help you understand more about that particular topic. We’ve linked these videos from our Black Bear Youtube page. If you’d like, you can watch all of them from our Youtube Playlists.

However, the most effective educational movies designed for teachers and kids are the special classroom movies found within the actual Bear Education program. It’s free to download and is fully interactive with kids and their teachers. Just click on the Download the Program image to the right.

Here is an example of one of these educational classroom videos. This one is on animal adaptations.

The neat thing about the movies within the Bear Education program is that they are part of the much greater classroom learning experience of theĀ 29 interactive lesson activities. So be sure to ask your teacher to download the free program for your school. But heck, you can also download it free on your home computer.