About the K-8 Curriculum

Although students may not openly embrace math, history, social studies, or geography… kids everywhere can’t resist their natural fascination for bears. That’s why with this new curriculum students eagerly learn math, history, social studies, geography, and so much more while exploriteacher classng the exciting realm of Understanding Black Bears through videos, computer games, quizzes and hundreds of interactive pages in these inquiry-based learning activities.

Five years in the making by science educators, wildlife biologists, and educational media professionals, this new interactive classroom curriculum covers 11 topics with 29 separate classroom activities.

The downloadable Understanding Black Bears Curriculum is a self-contained computer program that works on both PC’s and Mac’s. It provides activities for both formal and non-formal educators working with kindergarten through 8th grade students. See the Curriculum Overview page for all the topic content and Grade levels for the various lessons. With hundreds of pages of content within the program, we may offer updated or revised materials that are noted on the Curriculum Overview page. Please look for Red Font and related PDFs there to note any revisions – such as one correction in the Yukon Delta Guide School lesson within the Compare Bears section.

compare sample

This sample Student Screen in the Compare Bears section shows typical assets and navigation

The educational “tools” within the program range from video presentations, audio tracks, slide shows, scientific data, graphic arts, storytelling, to interactive computer games, and much more. And they’re all designed to equip your students to think for themselves as they discover the mysterious world of America’s black bear. This program is also designed for students to personally download, so that they can continue to learn at home, year after year, sharing with their families while gaining a sense of “ownership” as responsible stewards in shaping the future of our nation’s landscape with black bears.

As you’ll see from the attached Subject and Grade Level Correlation pages there are dozens of interdisciplinary activities to fit a variety of grades and available classroom settings – all designed to support academic standards for grades K-8. A constructivist theory of learning guided the development of the activities and assets.

A variety of teaching and learning strategies are infused into activities that address different learning styles, encourage scientific inquiry, and provide opportunities for students to participate in the scientific enterprise. Student’s understandings and conceptions about black bears are assessed before, during, and at the end of the curriculum. The activities flow conceptually from simple to more complex ecological concepts. Although students will get a more complete understanding of black bears by doing all of the grade-level appropriate activities, the activities can also easily “stand alone” to teach a particular concept or skill.

This computer program was previously only available on CD. But now it’s available here for downloading. So any mention you see about “on the CD” (such as in the Quickstart) simply means  “the program”. To get your complete Teacher’s Quickstart Overview, click here.


Your Quickstart will have you up and running in no time