Games – How do you Bear Up?

If you want to dive into the bear’s den and play some fun bear computer games, you’ll need to download the free Black Bear Education program.


When you launch the program, you’ll find computer games and quizes in some of the topic sections. A fun and challenging favorite is in the Bearing the Winter section. This “getting ready for hibernation” computer game may take some serious practice and using “bear logic”, but you’ll learn what bears eat in different environments as they get ready for hibernation. Don’t forget your “optimal foraging strategies”.

Bear Winter screen

Fun Pages – If you want to get free fun pages such as coloring books about bears, maze games and other games, just look for those buttons on the different topic screens inside the Bear Education program. When you click on them, they will open PDFs that you can print on out paper, and add them to your Bear Journal. Also, to get you started, you can Click here to get a sample PDF of many free bear coloring pages within different parts of the program.

Fun Pages

You’ll find all kinds of free fun pages like these samples inside the program.